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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah hiwabarokatu :'D Yeah! It is difficult to forget the people I love, but the ones that I love so easily to forget me. Great :'). Wuuu ~ Thank you for everything. Thank you for deleting photos, videos and messages. Thank you again. You made ​​me this like an idiot. Kau buat semua tu tanpa rasa bersalahkan ? Mintak maaf pun tidak ! Only stupid people who like to take the rights of others without permission, same like you. If you already hated and dislikes me do not come to delete it all. That's my phone and not yours. Kenpa kau suka cari pasal dengan aku secara tiba tiba ? Aku tak pernah kacau kau lagi kan ? What is your problem with me ha ? -.- Fuck for you honey :'* These days I try to forget you from my heart. Yes this is very difficult, but I still have to do.  After this I did not want to see your face in school. Please go of my sight . Now i hate you maybe ? :'(( Please don't make me cry because of you . Please and please again :'( Go away please . kbyee . 
Take a note : Please ! Do not come back into my heart again !!

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